«The Athenian Constitution» Aristotle

The Athenian Constitution

Автор: Aristotle

  • Год публикации: 2015
  • Жанр: Ancient
  • Размер файла: 639 кБ
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Modern western civilization owes its roots to classical antiquity- so much of our cultural and political inclinations derive from Ancient Greece and Rome. And The Athenian Constitution, believed to have been written by Aristotle and one of his students, demonstrate exactly how much. Describing, in detail, the workings of the world's very first democracy, and establishing concepts such as precedence by trial, The Athenian Constitution is indispensible for anyone wishing to develop a healthy respect for our roots.


  • Athenian Constitution a must read

    От Ghunner1963
    This book provides a clear history of the evolution of democratic constitution's in our world. Aristotle has done a clear job in ensuring the intent and the scope of effective constitutions of the people. Lasting affects of this writing surround us today. I recommend this book for anyone wishing to understand why we have what we have today in our country. This is an easy reading translation.